We care about young people, we care about our future, and we care about making Pennsylvania a better place for all young people.

What we believe
  • We believe all youth should be treated as youth
    We believe in leading with youth voices
  • We believe that Pennsylvania should provide young people with care
  • We believe that care means giving us the help we need
  • We believe in restorative and transformative Justice
  • We believe that incarceration does more harm than good
  • We believe incarceration is giving up!
What we deserve
  • We deserve more opportunities to live full and healthy lives
  • We deserve a chance to make mistakes and opportunities to get it right
  • We deserve better options than out-of-home placement and incarceration
  • We deserve restoration that doesn’t strip us of safety and security (physically and emotionally)
  • We deserve equity in response to systemic injustices along the lines of race, class, gender, orientation, ability, etc.
What we imagine
  • We imagine a Pennsylvania where youth are cared for and supported
  • We imagine safe places full of joy, where children can be children again
  • We imagine all young people in the juvenile justice system having an “instant support team,” who can provide care, safety, and security for them
  • We imagine our neighborhoods filled with the resources and supports to make incarceration obsolete
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